Concept of Arte di mano
 'Arte di mano' means 'Art of hand' in Italian. Every work of "Arte di mano" is an extension of JnK’s committed handworks in the leader craft field. It is a premium brand with the best quality achieved by the highest standard of craftsmanship and leather selection capability that the leather craft workshop JnK has accumulated over the years.
 Arte di mano’s master craftsmen show off their top capabilities to choose a better structure, aesthetic line construction and optimal leather texture. We promise that "Arte di mano" will give you a pleasant impression with comfortable usability and best quality while you have it.

Arte di mano, 'Self-Reproducing Lizard'

Arte di mano represents its symbol of a “self-reproducing lizard” using a tessellation shape based on mathematics and geometrics. Tessellations are the tiling method to cover surface or space by extending one or more uniform geometric patterns with no overlaps and no gaps. This originates from the Latin tessella, which means a small square stone or tile used in the ancient Roman mosaic. Its most representative examples are the arabesque in the Alhambra and the Korean traditional pattern dancheong. Meanwhile, we can easily find tessellation shapes in our daily life: pedestrian pavements, tiles in the bathroom, etc.

Arte di mano’s self-producing lizard is inspired by tessellations to constantly create unique patterns through rotation and movement. Our symbolic representation reflects Arte di mano’s commitment to high quality hand-made products and exquisite workmanship standards. Our uncompromising devotion to quality highlights Arte di mano’s essence to make our customers’ minds and souls reverberated.

Interestingly, some lizard species can half- or full-clone their own genes through self-reproduction. Now Arte di mano’s products are favorably evaluated as the world-best accessory brand specific to the high-end German camera, Leica. However, our quality-oriented expansion is constantly in progress, like a self-reproducing lizard, in the international market.

'Arte di mano' 


Arte di Mano, a brand created by JnK in Seoul, South Korea has become synonymous with quality.

Our half cases for Leica are made entirely by hand. Each piece of leather is carefully cut, shaped and stitched to create a flawlessly-fitting half case that improves your hold without hindering any functionality of the camera.

You can meet the world best leather goods by our hands. We always hope to you can enjoy better photo life with our works.