Arte di mano

Handcrafted by JnK

Sughero neck strap

Sample leather - Rally volpe (Vegetable tanned / Pull-up / Italy)

Thread - Light brown (Serafil / German)


About Design

It's first neck strap design by Arte di mano for SLR type and heavy bodys like Leica S series or Hasselblad.

It has connect strip made of Nylon and you can make any length by adjustable length system.

It is usual kind of design for camera strap.

But, we don't want to make just usual one.


So, we find new material 'Sughero' made in Italy. Sughero means some kind of 'Cork' in Italian.

It is very natural material and enough soft but strong also as inserted part of strap.

It usually used for Luxury fashion brand's bag making as insert.

So, we can make natural volume on surface by the material 'sughero'.

And this unique material offer some points that is difference than others about Strength and Flexibility.

And about material, we used Nubuck leather for underside.

Nubuck has similar look with suede. But Nubuck is much more valuable than suede.

Suede means natural or synthetic material.

Of course natural suede skin is more expensive than synthetic one.

It has short hair, so it has non-slip function and can cover something safety.

And natural suede skin made of backside of leather or split part of leather.

Nubuck seems like has short hair too. But that is not a exactly thing.

Nubuck is made by process of sanding leather's surface.

So, this process makes smooth surface .

And it has non-slip function and can cover something safety like suede.

But Nubuck leather made of frontside of full-grain leather.

So it is smoother than suede skin and senior grade surface than suede.


Ans you can see our simple hand-sewed just  2 point stitch on connected part of our sughero neck strap.

I guess you can't believe about strength of connection parts.

But we can sure the 'Hand stitch' is really much stronger than machine sewing.

This simple hand-stitch is better than complex machine sewing stitches.


So we checked about weight of heavy camera (Leica SL) and lens (Leica vario-elmarit-SL 24-90) set.

It is nearly 2.15 kg.


And we tested with much higher weight, 9Kg  Dumbbell for a day and several more hours.

After test, we find there is not any damage about all part of strap include connecting part.

And our natural curved shape of strap will be offer comfort wearing sensation on your shoulder.


< Additional option >

Inner cushion

Extra cost : USD 40.00

You can request inner cushion on backside of Sughero neck strap.

It can be helpful if you have heavy camera with weak shoulder.

This cushion part can protect your shoulder from heavy press by camera and lens.

Color chart


(Vegatable tanned, Italy - Walpier)

Finish - Natural glossy type, Embossed(Shrunken pattern), Hand brushed two tone dye / Hardness - ★★★★☆

2017 New leather article. Hard type / Strong with scratch 


(Vegatable tanned, Italy - AUSONIA)

Finish - Matt type, milling, parafiin / Softness - ★★☆☆☆

Minerva Box

(Vegatable tanned, Italy - BADALASSI CARLO)

Finish - Matt type, milling / Softness - ★★★★★


(Vegatable tanned, Italy - Walpier)

Finish - Matt type, Oil, Hard type / Hardness - ★★★★☆


(Vegatable tanned, Italy - BADALASSI CARLO)

Finish - Matt type, Art finish by steel ball / Hardness - ★★★☆☆

* Pueblo is premium leather of BADALASSI CARLO.

It need much effort just by hand touch when produce leather.

We recommend you to see finishing of pueblo.

In small leather pieces, It is just scratched leather.

But if your work is done, you can meet something that artistic and unique one.


(Vegatable tanned, Italy - BADALASSI CARLO)

Finish - Natural glossy, Art finish by hand blade / Softness - ★★★☆☆


(Vegatable tanned, Italy - La Perla Azzurra)

Finish - Matt type, Milling / Hardness - ★★☆☆☆


(Hybrid tanned, France - HAAS)

Finish - Matt type, Oil and waxy / Thickness - 2.0 ~ 2.2 mm / Softness - ★★★★★

* Barenia is very famous leather that used by HERMES. You can see more pictures about this leather by Search on web - keyword " Hermes Barenia "
It is the original leather that made by HAAS of France. It looks like full vegetable leather. Actually it is vegetable and chrome mix tanned leather.
So, it is so light than full vegetable leather but it has surface that is able to going natural aging like vegetable tanned leather.
And It has very oily surface. You can feel very smooth touch by this leather. Because it has much oil inside.
If you do not touch this leather item for a long time, you can see some powder on surface of leather.
It is proof of much wax and oil.
And this oil and wax will protect this leather item and give smooth touch, Of course if you use it again, the powder will back to inside again! 


(Chrome tanned, Germany - LEDERFABRIK PERLINGER )

Finish - Matt type, natural shrunken emboss / Softness - ★★★★★

* Shrunken is most famous leather of HERMES. They called this leather as 'togo'.
It is not a vegetable leather that we usually use. Chrome tanned leather has more vivid color tone and more lighter than vegetable leather.

English Bridle

(Vegetable tanned, England -  SEDGWICK)

Finish - Bridle finish / Hardness - ★★★★★

* Powder on surface is named 'Tallow'. Tallow is made of beef tallow and cod oil. It is exist on surface and inside of leather.
Tallow makes bridle leather more strengthful. If you use it or in making process, tallow will be disappear and surface will be natural glossy.
Also if you do not often use, tallow will be appear on surface.

Italian Shell cordovan

(Vegetable tanned, Italy - Shell cordovan)

Finish - Glazed, aniline dyed

* Shell cordovan is one of a few tanneries that can produce shell cordovan
Especially, they make just horse hide leathers like horse front, horse strip and shell cordovan.
This tannery from Italy has so great skill about tanning and finishing.
If you can meet this shell cordovan leather, you can very satisfy about the quality, 

You can meet two kinds of cordovan with our work -
FirstIy, Italian Shell cordovan, and Secondly, Horween's shell cordovan.
So below is our guide for selection.

If you just want quality than honor is italian shell cordovan.
If you like honor and more natural (little rough) american finish, that is Horween's leather.

Shell cordovan

(Vegetable tanned, USA - Horween)

Finish - Glossy type, waxy

* Horween is the most biggest and world best quality tannery about Shell cordovan.
Shell cordovan is strong and sense of touch is very nice.
It is very traditional leather since 1905 made by Horween.
You can meet the best product from best leather with best skills.

Ostrich leather

(Real ostrich, Africa)

Finish - Matt type

Grade - 1st grade

Nile crocodile

(Singapore - Henglung)

Finish - Matt type, Belly (back cut)

Grade - 1st grade

* The Henglung is one of most famous tannery that make crocodile skin.
They offer their crocodile skin to LVMH group and etc.
And even LVMH is their the largest shareholder because of their quality about crocodile leather.
Nile crocodile is the one of highest leather with singapore porosus and american alligator.
If you select Nile crocodile, you can't have any other better material among leather.
Because Nile crocodile is without a doubt the best leather.

 All of our works is based on Order to made system. Working period is 2-3 weeks for straps and about 4-5 weeks for half-cases usually.
So we need about 4 weeks for work and shipping takes about 1-3 business days from ordered date.
Of course if we can, we will do our best for reduce period. And you can see our most recently news about work and new products on our Instagram & facebook page.