[Arte di mano] 1 pair of strap lug adaptor with screw driver for Apple watch

Part : 1 pair of lug adaptor (2pcs), 1 of screw driver included

strap is not included.

It is apple watch adaptor for use another strap.

You can change strap to another one. It is same spec to strap lug adaptor of Classic band and modern band of apple.

The quality is good. there is no empty space. just check about direction of part.

It is the real picture that we taken.

If you order it with free shipping, shipping takes about 20-40 business days and tracking is not possible.

And if you order it with Fedex shipping, there is cost but shipping takes just 1-2 business days and tracking is possible.

Horween shell cordovan single strap

made by 
Arte di mano

HengLong nile crocodile classic strap

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