Color chart

[Texture series] Epsom

Textured leathers is basic option

[Texture series] Cross Epi

[Texture series] Lizard Emboss
* It is not real lizard


(Vegatable tanned, Italy - Walpier)

Finish - Natural glossy type, Embossed(Shrunken pattern), Hand brushed two tone dye / Hardness - ★★★★☆

2017 New leather article. Hard type / Strong with scratch



(Chrome tanned, Alran - France)

Finish - Matt type, Natural goat pattern / Softness - ★★☆☆☆


(Vegatable tanned, BADALASSI CARLO in Italy)

Finish - Matt type, Art finish by steel ball / Hardness - ★★★☆☆


(Vegatable tanned, Italy - La Perla Azzurra)

Finish - Matt type, Milling / Hardness - ★★☆☆☆


(Chrome tanned, Germany - LEDERFABRIK PERLINGER )

Finish - Matt type, natural shrunken emboss / Softness - ★★★★★

Vegetable white

Top grade durable and pure white tone leather / It is usually used by Gucci


The original leather that Leica usually used for Hermes Edition.

Lizard skin

(Real lizard skin, glossy type)

Finish - Glossy

Grade - 1st grade

Nile crocodile

(Henglung in Singapore)

Finish - Matt type, Belly (back cut)

Grade - 1st grade

* The Henglung is one of most famous tannery that make crocodile skin.
They offer their crocodile skin to LVMH group and etc.
And even LVMH is their the largest shareholder because of their quality about crocodile leather.
Nile crocodile is the one of highest leather with singapore porosus and american alligator.
If you select Nile crocodile, you can't have any other better material among leather.
Because Nile crocodile is without a doubt the best leather.

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